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Published papers

  1. Chao N and Wang Z (2017):
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  12. Xu X, Zhao Y, Reubelt T, Tnezer, R. (2017):
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    Research on the MASCON method f or the determination of local surface mass flux with Satellite-Satellite Tracking technique. Chinese Journal of Geophysics 2016, 59(12), 4623-4632, doi: 10.6038/cjg20161223 bibtex

Accepted papers

  1. Ke B (2017):
    Optimal Gaussian low pass filtering radius selection for determination the offshore sea surface height with Jason-2 data. GEOMATICS AND INFORMATION SCIENCE OF WUHAN University, accepted

  2. Lin Y, Ji H, Sneeuw N and Ye Q (2017):
    Optimization of ELM Classification Model for Remote Sensing Image Based on Artificial Fish-swarm Algorithm, Journal of Agricultural Mechanization, Vol. 48(10), 156-164, doi:10.6041/j.issn.1000-1298.2017.10.019

  3. Lin Y, Li W, Yu J and Wu C (2017):
    Quantitative Analysis of Ecological Sensitivity of Tourism Scenic Spots Based on Remote Sensing Image - A Case Study of Chaohu Lake Scenic Spot, Journal of Tongji University, accepted

  4. Lin Y, Ye Z Cai J and Sneeuw N (2017):
    Spatio-temporal analysis at the Dongtan Wetland with machine vision based on sequence of remote sensing data, Landscape and Urban Planning, accepted

  5. Liu H (2017):
    Study of Determining the GOCE Satellite Gravity Field Based on Torus Approach, Acta Geodaeticaet Cartographica Sinica, accepted

  6. Xu X, Jiang W, ZHANG Xiao-Min (2017):
    Analyze the Ability of Recovering the Global Gravity Field of a New Satellite Gravimetry System. Chinese Journal of Geophysics, accepted.

Submitted papers

  1. Chang X, Yu K, Li J and Li Y (2017):
    Estimating snow density for a snow-covered CORS station field by GNSS-IR, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.

  2. Jin Y, Jin T, Li J, Cai Z, Chao N, Xu X (2017):
    The spatiotemporal influence of ENSO on terrestrial water storage change in the Yangtze River basin, submitted to Water (Journal)

  3. Xu G, Xu C, and Wen Y (2017):
    Sentinel-1 observation of the 2017 Sansefid earthquake, northeastern Iran: rupture of a blind reserve-slip fault near the Eastern Kopeh Dagh,submitted to Tectonophysics.

  4. Zhong S, Xu C, and Yi L (2017):
    Focal mechanism of three moderate -magnitude earthquakes in central Italy in 2016 obtained by near-field high-rate GPS and broadband seismometer waveforms, submitted to GPS Solutions.