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2nd Workshop from the 24th July till 5th August 2018

Date: 2018-08-01
Author: Dr. Cai

Enabled through the co-organization of the University Luxembourg and the University of Stuttgart, the 2nd workshop of the DAAD Thematic Network "Modern Geodetic Space Techniques for Global Change Monitoring" was taking place in Luxembourg and Germany. Guests from all partner institutions from China, Germany and Luxembourg were participating for around two weeks, to broaden the view about the recent state of research. The great opening in Luxembourg with 30 presentations around "Global Change Monitoring" provided us the possibility for intensive focus on each presentation around the 5 topics:
- Agenda 24 - 28 July 2018
- Status and news of DAAD Thematic Network

Satellite Altimetry, Gravimetry & Enabling technologies:
- Analysis of Waveforms in the Satellite Altimetry by Using Neural Networks

Positioning, Navigation & Reference:
- Ionosphere Parameter Optimization Using GNSS Data Ingestion during Geomagnetic Storm in China
- Monitoring of Rock Fall at Yangtze River with Low-Cost GNSS receiver
- Precise Point Positioning and Its Application in Geoscience
- CTLS and Gauss-Helmert Model with applications to 3-D coordinate transformations
- Origins of Seasonal Signal in GPS Position Time Series Based on Short-baselines

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry:
- The optimal regularization and its application in Extreme Learning Machine for regression and multiclass classification
- Tunnel Monitoring and Disease Screening Based on Mobile Laser
- Monitoring land subsidence over large area with time series InSAR technique
- The Application of ELM based on Gaussian Kernel in Image Classification
- Effect of Antenna Pointing Errors on Spotlight SAR Imaging Considering the Target Location

Applications for Global Change Monitoring:
- Estimation of Water Volume Variations for large-scale Lake Based on Multi-source Satellite Data
- Complex Singular Spectrum Analysis of Earth Orientation Time Series
- Can GRACE observe the total drainable water storage of a river basin? A first estimate over the Amazon basin
- Spatio-temporal influence of ENSO on terrestrial water storage change in the Yangtze River basin

Gravity field modelling and Height System:
- Validation of the EGSIEM GRACE gravity fields using GNSS and OBP records
- Solving Earth Gravity Filed from GOCE Data by Tensor Spherical Harmonic Analysis
- Static gravity field modeling using the GOCE hl-SST data in individual accelerometer mode
- An ultra-high gravity field model based on the GOCE data, Altimetry data and EGM2008 derived gravity anomalies
- The determination of earth's gravity field model by torus approach with GOCE data
- Implementation of the Sea-Level Equation
- The change of terrestrial water storage in north China observed by GRACE
- Mass Balance Computation in the Space Domain Using GRACE Data

For the second phase (29.7. - 05.08.2018), the workshop moved to Stuttgart were respective wells, open discussions and seminars according to the presentations have been given. A Closing session with approximately 40 participants has been given on the 3rd of August. Thoroughly it was a supportive and pleasant working atmosphere. We are particularly honored by the participation of Prof. Jiancheng LI, Vice-President of the Wuhan University.

A big thank you to the University of Luxembourg, for the great hospitality, organization and the possibility to provide a platform for intensive knowledge transfer and academic exchange.
Thanks to all the participants, who gave us the insight in new perspectives and innovative science.

The Participants at the University of Luxembourg

Come together during the lunch break

Prof. Sneeuw welcoming for the 2nd workshop

Prof. Tonie Van Dam, Vice-Rector for Doctoral Education and Training, Gender, and International Relations

Dr. Cai during his presentation

The Participants at the University of Stuttgart

The Audience during the Closing Session,...

... showing supportive and pleasant working atmosphere.

DAAD Thematic Network Summer School on Geodetic Techniques for Global Change Monitoring in Yi Chang in July 2017

Date: 2017-08-11
Author: Dr. Cai

The Thematic Network organized a Summer School on Geodetic Techniques for Global Change Monitoring for MSc and PhD students in Wuhan, China in July 2017. The program of the one-week event consists of lectures, laboratories and a social program:

The Summer School for MSc and PhD students took place from July 24th until July 28th in Yi Chang, China. In this Summer School, Professors and researchers as well as PhD and MSc students came together to discuss current topics in global change monitoring using geodetic techniques like GNSS, satellite altimetry, InSAR, satellite gravimetry, deformation analysis and hydrological geodesy. The program of the one-week event included lectures by experts of the respective fields, laboratories to support the content of the lectures, an excursion to the Three-Gorges-Dam and a social program. More than 60 professors, lecturers, PhD and MSc students joined the event. The participants are from the partner institutions of the DAAD Thematic Network on Geodetic Techniques for Global Change Monitoring, which is funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and consists of the following institutions:

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Wuhan University, Wuhan, China
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
German Geodetic Research Institute, Technical University Munich, Germany
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, Beijing, China

Two profossors, three scientists and four students from the University of Stuttgart were engaged in the Summer School. Prof. Nico Sneeuw, head of the Institute of Geodesy, gave a lecture about time series analysis, Prof. Volker Schwieger, Director of the Institute of Engineering Geodesy about deformation analysis using Kalman Filters, Dr. Mohammad Tourian about the inland water application of satellite altimetry.
The Summer School provides a platform for intensive knowledge transfer and academic exchange. You can find more information soon on the website of the DAAD Thematic Network as well as on the website of the Wuhan University.

Poster Wuhan Summer School on Geodetic Techniques for Global Change Monitoring

Summer School in Yichang, July 2017

Summer School in Yichang, July 2017

Thematic Network Workshop from 20th - 22nd July 2016 at University of Stuttgart

Date: 2016-03-02
Author: Dr. Cai

Professors, junior researchers, PhD students as well as Bachelor and Master students will be welcomed to join the First Thematic Network Workshop at University of Stuttgart.

Especially our international partner institutions from China and Luxembourg will join the workshop including scientific exchange, joint lectures and enforce the Thematic Network cooperation.